• CUSHION MAILERS - With external air bubbles protecting your contents, these poly mailer shipping envelopes provide great shipping protection during transit.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - These mailing bags are very lightweight, which keeps shipping cost at a minimum.
  • CLEAR - These bubble bags can be used to store valuable, fragile contents at home, office or in store. Great way to store items and be able to see what they are without opening them.
  • SELF ADHESIVE - The packaging features a self-sealing peel off strip that allows for super quick closing with no need for tape.
  • WATER PROOF - These mailers keep your contents safe from water. Being waterproof, you can have peace of mind that your products will not get wet if left out in the elements by the logistics carrier. The envelope makes shipping DVD, clothes, t-shirts, fabrics, odd-shaped items, scarves, accessories, etc very easy.
  • Bubble bags are ideal for keeping smaller items safe from harm. From jewelry to knick-knacks and office supplies, these shock-absorbing padded plastic bags are a godsend for both household and business moves. With proper labeling, they also make moving organization a snap by keeping loose items in small groups while providing protective cushioning.

    Bubble pouches, bags, and rolls are helpful for a number of other purposes. Whether you're simply moving into another office in the same building, shipping fragile pieces or placing items in storage, bubble rolls should be a staple in your inventory of shipping and moving supplies.

Self Seal Bubble Bags